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Plumbing Discount Coupon in Salt Lake City, Utah

Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Salt Lake City

Drain Cleaning Solutions

Like anything in the world, after so many years of use, plumbing systems wear-out, it’s hard to get security & efficiency

  • Have you ever seen old galvanized pipes? After time, they get very rusty and corroded and it is hard to believe that we sometimes drink water from these old pipes
  • For the most part, homes use 1½” and 2” drain lines and most of the time accumulating filth and gunk make us depend on only ½” holes in these pipes to drain our water and waste from our kitchens our sinks and even our showers and bathtubs
  • Not to mention old water heaters, they’re unreliable and they like to give our water a rusted color and bad taste

Most of the time, people spend a lot of money trying to maintain and repair their faulty plumbing systems, when in the end they end up with flooding or water damage or spending much more money.

Please call us and let us provide you with an upgrade solution, we offer free consultations and great discounts.

A good plumber always knows how to deal with a clogged drain; this is something that comes with any drainage system. Everybody is oblivious to their drainage system until they get a clogged drain or main sewer line. Here at LEC Plumbing, we have great experience on how to shoot water down the line, utilizing our highly skilled technicians and the most state of the art equipment available in the market today.

  • Using different sized cables and cable machines
  • Jetter Machines – the most powerful way to open a clogged drain
  • Use of In-Line Camera (best possible way to pinpoint in-line problems, avoiding full line replacement and that save you money)
  • Trench-less Main Sewer line Rehabilitation (save money on unnecessary excavation and repaving of driveways, sidewalks and even streets)